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My Xyla and Yabu App: Are the Word Problems Too Much?

Xyla and Yabu, my second app, was downloaded over 5000 times in the last two days, which is encouraging. However, I have a few mixed feelings about this app compared to my others because my other apps work more elegantly. By elegance, I don’t mean elegance in appearance. I mean elegance in the solutions we… Read More »

Does 5 = 5? Understanding Equality in Math

Me: “Is this true? 5 equals 5.” I write on a whiteboard on the table between me and several 2nd grade students: 5 = 5 2nd grade students, after a few seconds hesitation: “No, that’s not true.” Me: “Why not? 5 doesn’t equal 5?” 2nd grade students, in a rush: “You have to have 2… Read More »