Look at the Details to Recognize Better Educational Design

By | December 25, 2013

How often are better educational materials and methods used in schools?. Look behind advertisements, accepted wisdom, and even credentials of expertise to take a long, hard look at the nitty-gritty details — the nuts and bolts* —  of what happens in lessons and how well all children are learning.

This website shows examples of what is taught and how, so we can begin to recognize better.

Better educational design depends on profound understanding of the subjects we teach and how all human beings learn most effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably.

Many want better education. To HAVE better education requires clear thinking about the specifics of what we teach and how.


*There are more organic and more modern metaphors. However, we are still at a nuts and bolts stage in recognizing how to put together a good education, appropriate for all. And nuts and bolts aren’t bad — we must understand and use basics before we can move further.

Karen McDonald, Ph.D.